Buy a 3-Room Apartment – The Right Decision for a Family Man 

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The decision to buy a 3-room apartment, as a rule, comes to mind in adulthood, when the family has a second child, or one or two rooms are simply not enough to receive guests and solitude. In order not to eventually exchange a cramped home for a spacious and comfortable, you should take care of choosing the best option in all aspects in advance.

Living in high-rise buildings can be no less comfortable than in a private cottage or villa. The only condition is the availability of free space for each family member, regardless of age and gender. According to numerous surveys and general social norms, each resident should have at least 13.5 square meters and an additional 35 or more. That is, you need to buy a 3-room condominium for 3, so that everyone has a separate room. A large hall will be a place for family gatherings and spending time together.

One of the new launch condos in Singapore includes The Commodore, The Avenir, Amber Sea, The Watergardens at Canberra, Paris Ris 8. Read the detailed review on upcoming The Commodore Condo as in this article, we will talk about The Avenir below.

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Why three rooms?

There are many reasons to choose a house for 3 rooms, not including bathrooms, kitchen and hallway.

  • The comfort zone is a necessity for children. A person who has not yet formed, sometimes more than others needs solitude and silence.
  • Planning does not depend on the area, but on your preferences. Having bought a 3-room apartment, you will be able to equip a work area or workshop in the bedroom or living room – for work and hobbies you can allocate a comfortable corner.
  • Even if your children are adults, or you plan to move in the future, the third room will ensure order in the house: in a spacious room, everything is in its place.
  • Your guests will be comfortable. Separate apartments and the opportunity to relax – an invaluable thing for mom, girlfriend or other loved one who came to you and tired of the road.
  • Investing in real estate is always profitable, because the value of housing remains high regardless of the region or external circumstances. Buying a spacious apartment where everyone has their own corner and feels free is also a contribution to their own comfort and, accordingly, to a happy family life.

The Avenir Residential Complex: What it can Offer to your Family?

Children’s and sports grounds with outdoor exercise equipment, workouts, a yoga area, beach soccer and volleyball grounds, mini-stadiums for various games, table tennis tables, a beach by the river – everything corresponds to the fashionable course towards a “correct and reasonable” lifestyle.

Spacious parking and guest parking have made it possible to provide the concept of a “courtyard without cars”.

Children’s Park

The Avenir housing complex has children’s playing park which is ideal place for games and creativity, inviting animators and holding family holidays, as well as the first meeting place for little neighbours.
The Park has everything you need to play and develop your little ones.

Fitness Centre

This is a place where everyone can find everything they need for a suitable workout: yoga, cardio training.

Fitness room is transferred to the property of residents free of charge. Each resident will be able to regularly maintain physical activity at any time of the year and save on visits to fitness centres.

Parking and storage rooms

In a modern city, a personal parking is taking care of both yourself and your car. The residential complex “the Avenir” provides an over ground-underground parking, as well as a guest street parking for residents and their guests.

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