How to get rid of Centipedes in the House?


No matter how clean and sterile the house is, it is still very difficult to protect housing from insects. Harmful cockroaches, annoying flies and mosquitoes get into the apartment making life unbearable. Of course, you can go to the Internet and read articles about flies, moths and other pests and find out how you can bring them out using folk methods. However, this approach is often ineffective and, as a result, you will still have to turn to nea approved disinfection company who will help you quickly and effectively get rid of such annoying and dangerous neighbours!

Everything you need to know about flycatchers

Almost everyone can face the situation when, having turned on the light in the room, they find a terrible centipede on the wall! The sight of this insect is so creepy and unpleasant that many are terrified. But are these creatures that dangerous?

In fact, centipedes (flycatchers) are not only harmless, but also useful. These insects are the enemies of many harmful parasites. They feed on flies, Prusaks, bedbugs and fleas that carry various diseases. Centipedes go hunting mainly at night, when everyone is asleep.

Scolopendra are very fond of damp, dark places, so they most often live:

  • in the cellars;
  • in the attic;
  • in bathrooms;
  • in kitchen cabinets;
  • in the crevices of wooden floors.

Insects reproduce very quickly, have excellent eyesight and a quick reaction, so it is not so easy to kill them. They can get into the house from different cracks, sewers, come from not too clean neighbours.

Popular methods of dealing with centipedes

In fact, in order to get rid of scolopendra, it is necessary to create uncomfortable conditions for them. This requires:

  • Control the humidity in the room and, if necessary, dry it regularly;
  • Use screens on windows and ventilation openings;
  • Fight dampness and mold;
  • Be sure to ventilate the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms where humidity reigns;
  • Monitor the health of plumbing fixtures;
  • Eliminate all cracks in floors, walls, foundations, etc.;
  • Actively fight other insects;
  • Avoid the accumulation of dirty dishes, as it attracts Prusaks, flies, and they, in turn, are food for centipedes;
  • Clean up the yard.

There are also popular ways of fighting. It is believed that boric acid can scare off a creepy insect. Pour powder around the perimeter of the room or treat it with a solution of boric acid. Diatomaceous powder and ground cayenne pepper can also kill arthropods.

Special chemicals are also used to combat centipedes. There are products on sale that allow you to destroy not only scolopendra, but also other insects. You can also use sticky traps. True, if there are animals in the house and children, place them on a surface where the child and pet will not be able to reach.

But all of the above methods are effective prevention and will be effective when insects have just settled in the room. If the population of centipedes has grown significantly, then more serious methods of control should be taken and a qualified pest control services should be ordered.

The specialists of Pest Control Company have extensive experience and use advanced technologies to effectively combat various insects. They use only certified and safe products for human and animal health, and are also ready to come at any time and provide comprehensive advice. However, if you do not adhere to basic hygiene standards, keep order in the surrounding area, then the creepy insects will definitely return again.