Four Basic Methods Used in Dog Training Classes 

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It’s quite obvious that all dog trainers will use different types of training methods. But some basic concepts would assist you to swim confidently in the sea of training. There are presently four basic training techniques used in Dog training class that stem from behavioral physiology

  1. Positive reinforcement
  2. Negative reinforcement
  3. Positive punishment
  4. Negative punishment

Don’t get confused! Here the positive and negative words do not reflect the terms good and evil. It works as a concept of math, where a positive term means to add and a negative term means to subtract something. It will become clearer once you read these

Positive reinforcement

This is the most productive and popular method of today and surely you all be aware of it. In positive reinforcement dog training, a dog is rewarded with a treat whenever he performs an appreciable task. Everyone wants appreciation and a treat after performing and putting an effort into a given task. The truck is to want for the right time; as soon as your dog performs the desired behavior just reward him in the right way. You can often supplement the treatment with a high-pitched appreciation to ensure the dog that you are really happy with his action.

Negative reinforcement

This idea involves taking something unpleasant away to reinforce the wanted behavior, the same way an electric system works. For example, when your dog gets close to the perimeter, it suddenly gets a shock but that shock automatically gets off when it goes away from the boundary. By this method, the dog will stay away from the boundary. Did you notice the subscription here?

The unpleasant sensation is drove away to reinforce a behavior.

Positive punishment

With punishment techniques, the trainer tries to make a particular action to be avoided. In positive punishment, a trainer incorporates some unpleasant stimuli intending to discourage his unpleasant behavior. As in case of excessive barking, the trainer may use a spray bark collar for the training. So that every time the dog barks, it gets sprayed. By this technique, the dog will not bark all night and create a disturbance.

So, did you see how the trainer has added something to discourage the particle behavior?

Negative punishment

This technique uses a subtraction of some time to discourage that behavior. For example, if the trainer or the owner turns away when the dog jumps on them to grab their attention. They just need to take the attention away to ignore his action.

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