6 Reasons to Buy a Condo in a New Building

Real Estate & Property

The buyer, who decides to improve their living conditions, is faced with a dilemma: which housing to prefer – the condo of the old fund, in which someone lived, or in a new building, the completion of which will have to wait.

This year there is an increase in purchasing activity in the housing market. Profitable financial instruments from developers and mortgage programs from banks allow more and more Singaporeans to buy their own apartment in the capital. Of particular interest is the fact that 70% of transactions today are concluded for apartments in new buildings. Assessing all the pros and cons, a number of reasons become apparent why this is happening and what are the main advantages of condos in a new complex over housing in an old house.

  1. Having bought an apartment in a new building, you become its first owner. Realizing that no one has lived in the apartment before you, gives a feeling of comfort and security. Moreover, the risk of possible litigation due to improperly executed documents or the sudden appearance of relatives who claim the property is excluded. Such problems, which complicate the life of the new owner, are not uncommon in the secondary market.
  2. At designing and construction of new condos, modern building materials and the technologies allowing to provide a high level of comfort, are applied. Accordingly, in the new building the buyer buys not only a new condo, but also a new entrance, utilities, construction technology. Problems of worn-out communications and emergency elevators, which most often occur in the old house, in the new building can be avoided.
  3. In contrast to the standard layout of apartments in the houses of the old housing stock in new buildings, the buyer has the opportunity to choose the layout of the apartment that will meet the needs of his family. Today, Amber Sea developers carefully consider future objects, offering the buyer the most comfortable and functional apartments. You can visit Amber Sea website to find out more.
  4. Modern concepts of residential complexes provide a variety of options that cannot be found in the old fund – underground parking, modern elevators that descend to the level of parking, bicycle parking, panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, operated roofs and spacious entrance lobbies. In modern houses new concepts of arrangement of safe yards and comfortable adjacent territories where there is a modern playground, bicycle paths, sports grounds, the high-speed Internet and other infrastructural objects.
  5. Housing purchased in the old fund often needs repair, replacement of obsolete communications and structures. Accordingly, buying a new building, you can not only show their design skills and perform finishing with the smallest details, but also save on repairs. In addition, some new buildings offer renovated apartments and new housing can be entered immediately after construction, without delaying the start of a new, comfortable life.
  6. Homogeneous social environment is a strong argument in favor of buying a condominium in a new building. As a rule, in a new building neighbors with the same wealth and similar requirements for living conditions. The new house creates a special atmosphere that allows you to feel comfortable and safe.