Confused with the Old Phone? Trade it with an Online Dealer and Enjoy a Havoc Deal

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When a person has decided to upgrade the smartphone and buy a new one, he gets muddled with what to do with the old one. Besides keeping it idle and throwing it away, the amazing option is to trade in the same and buy a new phone.

When the user considers that top variants of Apple and Samsung can cost a handsome value, one may plan to trade in the phone and accumulate funds that can help to build the budget for the new phone. On the other hand, by trade in your phone, one can please the desire to get the new smartphone model that he is looking for. Now there are certain dos and don’ts and steps to be adhered to for a seamless trade-in process. These steps are essential and need to be followed for both iOS and Android platforms.

A person who wishes to trade in the old phone should start the process of taking a complete backup of the contents of the existing smartphone. This is particularly important if he is sure to have the same content stored for the new phone. Ideally one should back up the contents to the computer, portable hard disc, USB drive, and cloud service. The person should also remember, the locations where these backup data are stored to ensure a hassle-free search.

Before the user trades in the mobile device, he needs to restore it to the original form it was in when it first came out of the assembly line. This is effectively done by encrypting the smartphone followed by running the factory reset function. By all means, the SIM card and SD card should be removed from the device before visiting any leading online mobile store to buy and sell the phone.

While some devices give the choice of wiping the SD card, there’s no reason to trade the mobile device with a card as is. It is better to remove the card and use it for some other purpose. If the user wants to encompass all of the bases speedily and professionally, he should find a vendor of mobile diagnostics software that will locate probable flaws, fix it and guarantee that the phone is all set to be traded. It’s also an amazing idea to trail a mobile data erasure solution that will permanently remove all data from phones running either on iOS and Android operational systems. Once these steps have been completed the user will be able to trade in the old smartphone with full self-assurance and self-confidence to any reputed online dealers who suggest the best deal and price.

When someone plans to buy a new phone, he can reuse its old phone as a storage device, gaming, or audio device or simply keep as a spare phone. Bur the best idea is to trade in with a reputed dealer and enjoy a lucrative deal in buying a brand-new phone.