How Much Macbook Differs from Microsoft 

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Concept of design nowadays works more than anything. Features may resemble but only a design helps the product to stand out of the crowd.

Former Apple CEO Steve jobs ensure the design of every product of their company to unmatch with their competitors. They are not stuck with the design, even every part of their products are made with enthusiasm. Even if it is quality, features and MacBook repair, iPhone repair center repairs everything.

On the flip, PC is not manufactured by one single company, rather the number of companies are producing PCs.

The most frequency difference is its price, apple MacBook costs more than $1,000 and almost we can get PCs within a normal range. Although there are quite different between the technical specifications, both have similar internal parts processor, RAM, and it’s hard drives. But when it comes to speed here are some variations that differentiate them.

There is no doubt that Macs are made with more qualitative parts than simple PCs, thus have a faster processor, with full support during your Macbook repair Mac offers some pretty good feature in concern with its drive, audio, USB, firewire and data, thunderbolt. PC also provide some good comparable feature like blue ray player, tv tunnels, touch screen features and yes HDMI portals.

There are only some selected products that are provided by the apple, like the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac. Perhaps the configuration of these two creates a major difference.

Apple has a limited selection of products on the other hand PCs are produced by various companies with. Various shapes like, Asus, Acer, Compaq, Dell, Hp etc, every company provides different configuration. Benefits from all these configurations offer more features. Mostly consumer finds this as their benefits.

Apple store or selectively available, usually every outlet of apple stores, is built in large cities. One can only do MacBook repair in these respected centres. But with Microsoft they don’t make hardware, simply they give license their operating system to other companies. The products from these companies are listed in many stores.

Operating systems of both systems are different. MacBook works on the world’s best-operating systems like OS X Lion, while other PCs work on window 7. In 2007 and 2008, Microsoft has operating system window 7 that was a little sluggish and prone to injuries. By keeping these points Microsoft made improvements about its stability and efficiency.

With the introduction of Apple’s Boot Camp software, its users can easily install the windows on Mac. On the contrary, your PCs don’t allow you to install OS X lion but your Mac allows you to install window.

Getting mac work on non apple devices is one of the tricky inventions. Level of security is another big difference between the Mac and PC, the majority of the the world using PC, attackers manly focus over the window PCs. This doesn’t make mac safe from viruses in all aspects. still, mac has its own mac protector, Mac Defender etc for the security.


MacBook still has its own place while we talk about the quality. Unique features, MacBook repair, its stability, efficiency all are best in consumer’s experience.