7 Tips for Creating an Effective and Creative Website

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After seeing how to make a high-performance advertising or ghost that carton on social networks, let’s see today how to make effective and creative website.

1. Using a CMS

First, what is a CMS? It is a Content Management System which makes it possible, for example, to easily manage its website by creating pages, generating content, etc. In addition to saving you time, CMS are easy to access.

After some adjustments, they will also allow you to get a website quite acceptable. Personally, we find that https://hostchipmunk.com/ is the most interesting because it is the one that is used by most people. So you will not have any problem when you ask yourself questions because it will suffice to look for answers on the internet.
With a CMS, you can also use a pre-built theme (free or paid), allowing you to have a site that resembles you.

2. Make a responsive website

Today, mobile is taking an increasingly important place in our lives. It is therefore unthinkable to neglect this support when create free website. Make sure your site is suitable for both tablet and mobile formats, in order to offer your visitors the best experience possible. Here is an example of a responsive site: casino.com

3. Paying a domain name and hosting

Even though services like Wix are useful and easy to access, they are not very clean and do not make them professional. Do not hesitate to acquire a domain name and pay a web host.

4. Make a website optimized for SEO

SEO is truly the nerve of war on the internet. If you create a free website on advertising news and you appear on the third page of Google when you type “your keywords”, it is that your SEO is not optimal. So to make your site effective, you have to work SEO by inserting keywords into your site, writing articles, placing links on other sites, forums, etc.

5. Creating content

You will tell me that you do not need to create content if your only goal is to expose your work as a portfolio. And experts will tell you that you are wrong. Indeed, creating content (e.g. writing articles) helps maximize SEO and drive traffic to your site. The two most important points on the web!
Indeed, if you have created your portfolio but no one sees it, it will be useless.

6. Adapt the site to its target

A logical point but one that should not be overlooked- Your target, when visiting your website, must be able to identify with it so that it is willing to return. So, adjust your graphic chart, advertisements and articles you write based on your target.

7. Make navigation easy to access

Navigation is often overlooked, yet it is one of the most important points in optimizing a website. Indeed, it is essential that the user can find himself easily when he navigates your site, that he knows the category of the article he is reading, that he can find out about the site in an “about” page for example.