What happens if something gets broken while making a house move?

It is no secret that during a move something is going to break, dented, lost or suffers some kind of damage. What’s more, we usually take it for granted. Well, in case we have made the move ourselves, that is, with the help of family and friends, we have no choice but to count to ten, take a deep breath and respond with a “no matter, nothing happens” and issue a forced Smile, but inside we are thinking “I should have hired a moving company”. It is at this point that we wanted to arrive. Sometimes the cheap turns out to be expensive.

All movers and transporters are required, by law, to have liability insurance that includes damages caused to their belongings in the event of an accident of the means of transport. But in addition, the movers and packers usually give their clients an Insurance extension service so that the equipment is covered also at the time of loading/unloading and assembling/dismantling.

If we decide to hire cheap movers in Singapore, we would not only be affected by professionals who perform this work on a daily basis and who use the best materials but we would also be covered for any incident in the totality of the move. Occasionally, we may not notice any damage until all the items have been unpacked and placed.

Therefore, in order not to give rise to confusion whether the object has suffered the deterioration or not, it is important to review together with the person responsible for the removal company each of the furniture or objects to be moved, so that we know the conditions of departure. This can make it much easier for us to complaint in case of damage. Without doubt, hiring the extended insurance service is a good option.

When packing the objects that domestic or corporate moving service Singapore will carry with our move, it is essential to take the greatest precautions. It helps the fragile and delicate objects not suffer. That’s why; keeping this kind of objects well is a key point when making the move. There are a variety of ways in which the most fragile objects can be packed, but today we present those that are easier and more comfortable.

What are the precautions you can take at your end?

When we begin to separate the objects that will be packed it is important to determine which of them are the most delicate. It will include those that can be broken easily as the ceramics or the glass, photographs with portraits of glass, paintings, and electronic articles, among others. Before filling the boxes with these types of articles it is important to check that they are resistant and safe closing.

Make a list where you specify which are the articles that you create can suffer some damage if they are not saved in a special way. An idea of them is:

  • Electronic material: television, laptops, cameras, game consoles, tablets, computers, among others. To carry this type of objects it is best to take them in your car.
  • Glass objects: mirrors, decorative objects made with glass, plates, glasses, etc.
  • Porcelain or ceramics: this type of material can be broken only with a small blow, so they must be packed with the utmost care.

Keep your belongings safe by making right choice of movers.