What to look for in an SEO Expert

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An SEO expert is important to help companies build their business and attract people, helping them get web traffic on their websites and increase their ranking in web research. It is important to know how to choose an SEO Expert, here is what to look for in them.

Years of experience:

Anyone can call themselves and SEO Expert, without actually knowing what they’re doing. It takes many years to actually know what works and what doesn’t, and a website that needs different SEO tactics will need someone who knows how to look into it and know exactly what to do, in fact, SEO experts with many years of work know what to do for each work, while new SEO experts will use the same tactic for every website and it won’t have a great effect on your business.

Communication skills:

Knowing what to do is great, but knowing how to explain what needs to be done and why is better! An SEO Expert should know how to communicate with you or your IT team to explain why some things need to be changed on your website, he needs to be able to explain it in a simple manner so you or anyone who works with you who is not familiar with SEO tactics would understand why and what the SEO Expert needs to do.

Fitting in your company:

Communication is a key to be able to fit anywhere, but it’s not always enough. In fact, the SEO Expert needs to be able to work with any one of your teams: IT, marketing, customer service… etc the personality and communication skills of your SEO Expert need to fit with your company’s culture.


SEO Experts who love to do things efficiently are the best deal, let them fulfil their desire to affect your company positively. Make sure that they will take any challenge and encounter any problems to get things done and make the best of your website, let them find their own ways.


As you may know, any knowledge needs curiosity, we should never stop learning and keep improving ourselves. We can learn as much as we want, it will never be too much! Same goes with SEO. Many SEO Experts start at being really great at their work, but then after some time passes by they become less and less efficient, they stop growing while the electronic world keeps going on and on. Having an SEO Expert who knows what to do can help you boost your marketing, but getting one that wants to know WHY certain things work in certain ways, who’s thirsty for learning and who won’t stop looking for little details to improve their work.

Marketing knowledge:

The content of your website needs to be written in a manner that attracts people and converts them from simple visitors to customers, that is a thing that and SEO Expert needs to know. SEO is like any traditional marketing, where communication with clients plays a better role than the product itself sometimes. Your content should be appealing to what people are searching for.