Hit the Golf Ball Further by Relaxing Your Shoulders


In the Game of Golf, relaxing your shoulders when you hit the ball, will usually make the ball go much further than trying to knock the ball out of sight.  The first thing to work on in golf is to just making a good connection with the ball.  Once master that, and you can accurately hit the ball in the direction that you want the ball to go in, you can start working on distance.

The game of golf is one that can never be completely mastered, however, it is a very relaxing and fun game to play when you are with friends and family.  Of course it is good to play with people that you can be competitive against.  I’ve always found myself trying to do better than I did the hole before, so I guess I am more in competition with myself than I am with anyone else.  I do like competing with my brother too though since he is slightly better skilled on the drives than I am and I believe that I am just a little better at putting on the green than he is.

In Tyler, Texas we are surrounded by golf courses and we do a lot of tree work around these places too.  I find myself wanting to play every course that we do work at.  If you ever get out this way you should stop by and play a round of golf at the Peach Tree Golf Course in Bullard, Texas.  Who knows you may even see me on the course.

There are many different resources online that will teach you how to stand and how to hold your golf club as well as teaching posture.  You can search youtube or google.  You can buy DVDs.  Some golf courses even have personal trainers or know of one that you can hire.  I guess the method by which you learn to play is completely dependent on how serious you are about the game.  I myself never plan to play professional golf.  I just use the game to relax, however I still try to improve my game when possible, mainly for bragging rights and my own self-satisfaction.

Whether you are a beginner at golf or a pro, the Tyler trees are sure to make it more of a challenge.  Just remember, relaxing your shoulders will improve your drive, improve your accuracy and improve your game.