Skincare products that top SPAs are using

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In the eyes of commoner, the big players like La Mer, Estee Lauder, Dior and Chanel etc. They’re everywhere in television, newspapers, magazines and online. It would be weird if you can’t see them in a beauty magazine. What you don’t know is, the real top products are hardly accessible to commoner, because they almost had no advertisement, no spokesperson, and their targeted audiences are the richest people. The listed spas below are using these skincare products, you may not be a user but you should know about them!



This belongs to a professional spa from UK, the whole line of products are made in UK and only limited to world famous beauty salons and spas to import them. The star product is Pro-collagen Marine Cream, which is suitable for ladies age 25 above, it has a clear consistency, moisturizing but non-oily texture.  It only takes a little quantity to apply for soft and supple skin.


Götz Oxygen Facial Tonic

From the royal spa of Austria- Bad Ischl spa’s brand. To meet the daily skincare regime needs of customers, they researched on customized Bad Ischl spring water skincare. The philosophy is : skincare is a natural act, to have all natural ingredients for safe and simply effective standard. The star product, Götz Oxygen Facial Tonic balancing solution has a medicine smell, but the texture is light with good absorption ability, you could feel and see the absorption within seconds. It has anti acne, oil control and pore reducing properties, one of the best kept secrets of Hollywood stars. It balances combination and oily skin, with long term usage, it could have a revolutionary effect on skin.


Filorga Hydra-Filler

This brand is one of the top in Europe, it is used by stars and lots of French salon, the high end salons who used botox injections are produced by this company. Filorga Hydra-Filler is a top notch double hyaluronic acid face cream which helps to keep skin highly hydrated, it could hold up to 1000x more moisture on the skin. At the same time, the collagen could prevent wrinkles from appearing. It is of gel like texture. After application, the cream will penetrate into the skin and reduce wrinkles and have a glowing radiance, could act as a good pre makeup base.