Spa Massage Therapy: Relief for Face, Neck, and Head

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With the advancements of technology and its involvement in our life made us somewhat busier than before. The more we are attracted towards modern lifestyle; the more we are earning stress, tension, and anxiety. Body pain, tiredness, fatigue, and stress are some common problems that affect everyone at some point of life. These common problems sometimes lead to chronic illness, disorders and even serious diseases too. Both the external and internal factors are responsible for imbalance in body. Nowadays, many modern techniques are taken into use to release stress, but if we talk about an effective and long lasting way to eliminate these problems then, the only answer that we find is massage therapies.

The ancient techniques have been advanced into modern techniques but, their procedure and effectiveness are still same. Among so many therapies, one of the trendiest therapies is cupping therapy. The 3500-year-old therapy was discovered in China in which vacuum is created with the help of plastic glass cup on the various body organs that stimulate the blood flow in the lymph and tissues of the body. One can get cupping massage from THE LUXE HOUSE – best spa Singapore at reasonable prices.

Spa treatment Singapore provides cupping therapy which eliminates the problems like sinusitis, chronic inflammation, headaches, temporomandibular joint disorders, surgical preparations and lymphatic complications. Usually, traditional body massage Singapore –  includes the gentle traction of neck that goes in upward direction to the occipital ridge. Then, reversion of movement takes place which enables the flushing of cranial lymph and enhances the soft tissue movement. The cranial lymph drainage takes place from neck and head that travel near the anterior and superior neck surrounding the superior notch. The frontal drainage moves towards the sternocleidomastoid which joins the entire drainage chain.

How cupping therapy is helpful?

Cupping therapy is also known as ‘Vacuum therapy’ which involves the cranial drainage and lymphatic liquefaction. Basically, liquefaction is a stepwise procedure of changing matter into liquid. When congestion on any part of the body takes place, it leads to damage of draining system which may result in permanent blockage. When blockage takes place, the lymphatic flow and filtration system is slowed down that result in deep heat production under the epithelial layers of skin.

Spa Singapore usually applies heated cloth to the congested area that softens the old and thick skin. One can also apply hot towel to dilate the blood vessels. There are many types of vacuum machines used by the therapists to release pain. Low-suction vacuums are used for balancing lymphatic drainage.

So, you can take the benefits of cupping massage to release your body from neck, head and face inflammation problems.

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