Choosing Right Material is crucial right from early renovation stage

Home Improvement

When it comes to deigning and renovation, it is a mega investment that comes with its own set of risks and queries from the home owner end. The best foundation of a good renovation process is laid through choosing the right construction material. Let us have a look at the most potential questions to ask before beginning a project:

Early on in any of the designing and renovation project, its time to ask big and hard questions like what makes a material socially sustainable yet environment friendly. Ask the designers about the lifecycle of these products and material. Know well about their end life or reusable options if any. Your building must necessarily be greener complying with the environmental rating systems. Every single of the elements used in designing has its own impact on nature as well as your building in terms of production, disposal as well as use.

Assessing building requirements

The foremost task is to assess your building needs and determine your budget in order to set priorities for the sustainable material selection. Sustainable priorities for your selection will be affected by energy efficiency, low energy embodied, non toxicity, fair trade etc.

The next step is to know if your requirements can be met without a need of buying anything. You can recycle the material or visit the nearest recycling store to find second hand and reconditioned materials. It will also give you reduced transportation costs as well as contribute to mother Earth.

Certainly, you will also be purchasing a lot of new and raw material and before choosing any of them, examine their lifecycle from cradle to its grave. Also ask them about its environment and social impacts.

Transportation matters

Once you have decided upon the material, keep transportation factor in to your account and count how the final delivery will be made and in most of the cases, local transport is optimal as it reduces time, cost as well as dangers of cracks and breaks.

Know about the warranty

There are products available in the market that come with some sort of warranties and you should buy sealants, paints or lacquers that come with maximum warranty to avoid further losses.

The best choice is to make reuse of the available material and thus avoiding unnecessary consumption is best interior design Singapore they will help you choose the good material and reduce waste production and health hazards apart from being cost effective.

Question for Suppliers:

  • What are their previous track records?
  • Do they hold some public achievement or not?
  • Are they recognized and sustainable or hold some certification?
  • Know about their return policies if any
  • What is the record of their industrial relations and do they offer warranty?
  • Cross check the quotes to be sure of the cost effective investment.
  • Seek suggestions from your designers over to which supplier you should rely upon

Once you follow these small guidelines, you are sure to make sound choice for you and your home.